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Video: This is who we are

Is it possible to compare our line of business with managing a restaurant? We think it is – see for yourself!

The clever choice of shipping

Choose your shipping wisely and speed up delivery while shaving your budget!

Our stringent Code of Conduct is taught by a customer

Some years ago, the Quality Director of one of our key customers requested to audit some of our suppliers on a round...

Industrial hubs in Asia are our advantage

When we are sourcing in Asia, we prefer the factory to be situated close to other factories with the right...

We manage our supply chain like no one else

It isn’t plug and play to deal with supply chain management in Asia, but we’ve found our ways.

We speak Chinese, do you?

Business abroad is so much easier, if you know the culture and language of the country you’re in.

We don’t agree with scientific report

A report on outsourcing from Aarhus University claims that the majority of Danish companies benefit more from...

Rules of business in China

I came across this list of rules, when you do business in China.