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High-mix low-volume manufacturing

We enable your competitiveness

Our purpose is simple: empowering your globally competitive supply chain.

You benefit from reduced purchasing costs as well as high quality. This is possible with our Asian manufacturing base and global expertise.

We make sure to customise our services to your needs. That way we can overtake your daily challenges that come with handling a supply chain. 

How does EA-Connect support your supply chain management? 

"With the ability and opportunity to consolidate multiple vendors into a single one that handles all the necessary production processes. So we do not have to manage a multi-level supply chain. On the contrary, we can focus on a single point of contact.

In addition, they have a broad network of vendors, so we get much more right the first time – with minimum reworks or rejects due to poor quality/workmanship."

Customer – Director of Global Operations 

sheet metal 3-min

Fine parts in high-mix low-volume

Since the beginning, our focus has been on tight tolerances, fine finishes, and complex assemblies. And it is done in a setup developed for high-mix low-volumes.

This gives you the advantages of flexible manufacturing that can be adjusted to market demands.

To make sure that we deliver the required quality every time, we are focused on offering the proper equipment and systems.


To provide you with mechanical parts and assemblies at competitive prices and in high quality.


To strengthen your business' competitiveness in your market by being an integrated part of the supply chain.


✔️ Customised services
✔️ Globally competitive pricing
✔️ High quality


Reduce your purchasing costs 

by accessing expertise and a broad supplier network

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Sales Director

R. Jensen

Denmark, Finland and Norway

T: +45 22 77 72 11

Johan Nilsson Argus
Area Sales Manager

Nilsson Argus

Uffe Nørgaard


Your supply chain support

Customised hardware from our extensive network of Asian manufacturers.

We help you establish and maintain a globally competitive supply chain.