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EA-Connect is specialized in supplying custom-made mechanical parts and sub-assemblies to global market-leading niche companies.
Our DNA is the production of highly complex parts. Our customers have high demands for precision, performance and appearance.
We serve large internal OEM companies as well as dynamic start-ups that are naturally born global. We are proud to be part of our customers’ value chain and we are always honored to serve them in the best way we can. Our customers can be found in Northern Europe, USA, Japan and Israel.
We have an extensive network of carefully selected suppliers in Southeast Asia and China. Our main sourcing hubs are in Penang, Taichung and Dongguan but we have equally many suppliers outside these areas.


Our mission is to provide mechanical parts and assemblies to our customers at competitive prices and in high quality.


We strive to improve our customers’ competitiveness in their markets by being a vital and integrated part of their supply chain.


✔️ Customer- & service-oriented.
✔️ Reliable.
✔️ Competent.

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Sales Director

R. Jensen

Denmark, Finland and Norway

T: +45 22 77 72 11

Area Sales Manager

Nilsson Argus



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EA-Connect is a diversified sub-supplier supplying our customers with drawing parts and assemblies from an extensive network of Asian manufacturers