Electronic solutions

Testing, developing, and producing

Manufacturing complex electronic assemblies sets high demands for suppliers and supply chain management.

With many different components and elements, just one mistake can lead to a faulty product. Further, design development throughout is often a necessity.  

To safeguard the quality of the electronics we:

  • Document the processes with detailed work instructions
  • Guarantee proper handling and storage
  • Thoroughly test and inspect during the assembly process
  • Assure quality control
  • Have IPC-A-610 certification

Our broad network of suppliers offers a range of possibilities including cable harnesses, box build assemblies, and PCBAs and FPCAs integrated into mechanical parts.

All electronic assemblies are manufactured in close collaboration with you, our customer. In this way, we can continuously adjust the electronics and manufacturing so that your needs for functionalities are met.


RoHS compliant and IPC-A-610 certified

Over time we have developed an intricate controlling system for electronic manufacturing so that you do not have to worry about faulty electronic devices. 

To guarantee safe electronic assemblies, all electronic parts are RoHS compliant. This is a guarantee that all electronic parts are free from any hazardous substances.

Furthermore, we make sure to have IPC-A-610 certified personnel. The IPC-A-610 certification involves an understanding and proficiency in electronic assembly standards and ensures that our personnel uphold the highest industry benchmarks.

By combining RoHS compliance and IPC-A-610 certification, we not only assure reliable electronic parts but also proactively mitigate any potential risks to human health and the environment. 

Read more about how we ensure high quality here.


Box build open
Module assembly
Cable harness
electronic assembly-min

integrated electronics

Module assembly component


Module assembly integrating mechanics, electronics and optics.

Electronic assembly example


Integrating plastics, mechanics and laser cut cables to make high end assemblies.


Advanced cables optimized for reliable and high-speed data transfer.
Box build example


Electro-mechanical assembly of BOM part with 100+ different part numbers.

Your supply chain support

Customised hardware from our extensive network of Asian manufacturers.

We help you establish and maintain a globally competitive supply chain.