Electronic Solutions

At EA-Connect, we supply electro-mechanical assemblies to our customers integrating PCBAs or FPCAs together with mechanical parts.

We do custom-made cable harnesses, in some cases combining cable harnessing and mechanical parts.

Generally, the assemblies we provide are very complex, and they are only made by our skilled and experienced specialists.

To ensure the quality and reliability of the assemblies, we follow good manufacturing practices and we document our processes with own-produced work instructions.

This includes proper handling and storage of components, thorough testing and inspection at various stages of the assembly process, and effective quality control measures to catch any issues before the assemblies are shipped to customers.

Working with industry-leading customers help us improve our efficiency and competitiveness, and allow us to offer our customers the best possible products and services.


Other Cases


Module assembly integrating mechanics, electronics and optics.


Integrating plastics, mechanics and laser cut cables to make high end assemblies.


Advanced cables optimized for reliable and high-speed data transfer.


Electro-mechanical assembly of BOM part with 100+ different part numbers.

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EA-Connect is a diversified sub-supplier supplying our customers with drawing parts and assemblies from an extensive network of Asian manufacturers