Effective supply chain

Focus on your business

we take care of the supply chain

In close collaboration with you, we will uncover your needs and accustom our services to your specific requirements.

This includes:

  • Planning, coordinating, and controlling the flow of goods from vendors to you.
  • Keeping buffer/safety stocks and VMI agreements.
  • Undertaking kitting and packing.
  • Communicating with vendors and suppliers.
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Efficient supply chain management

We ensure that your goods are produced and delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To do this effective supply chain management is essential. That's why we have heavily invested in an up-to-date enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Depending on the product and your requirements, we send by courier, air and sea. We send either directly from our suppliers or via our facilities in Asia and Europe.

Benefit from our manufacturing base here.

Profit from our warehouses with a safety stock

Managing an uninterrupted production flow can be challenging but is important. Higher demands, longer delivery times, and unforeseen delays can cause bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.

Our warehouse facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of products. With experience in managing inventory and supply chains, we provide you with deliveries when you need them.

Whether you require a small safety stock or a substantial buffer to strengthen your supply chain, we can tailor a solution that aligns with your production needs and goals.


We do what you don't have time for

Only your imagination sets the limits. We do small assemblies, kitting solutions, prepare parts for coating – everything you can think of.

Do you send out assembly kits with your products? Or maybe you need screw kits for the production?

Kitting is a task that takes time as well as management. Nonetheless, it's a task that can optimise production significantly. Get in contact and we will talk about solutions.

4 tips for successful supply chain management in Asia

Learn how to benefit from the Asian manufacturing industry. 

Your supply chain support

Customised hardware from our extensive network of Asian manufacturers.

We help you establish and maintain a globally competitive supply chain.