Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Our customers require outstanding quality

A common feature for all EA-Connect's customers is the demand for outstanding quality. Our customers are typically market leaders supplying the best products and solutions within their industries and market niches. They require parts of high dimensional precision and high cosmetic appearance. We do not compromise on our quality. We carefully produce and control our customers’ parts and products according to their specifications.

We place an emphasis on understanding our customers’ specifications and quality requirements. We plan the application of the proper controls and producing the part precisely the first time.

ISO certified quality management system

We maintain our high quality standard through our quality management system which is certified according the ISO 9001 standard.

Further, we work with carefully selected suppliers that have certified quality systems. Quality certificates include ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and IATF 16949.

We also plan and implement individual product quality activity plans for certain critical parts in order to specify very precisely how we will achieve the specified quality level and how we will control it.

Corrective action reports

We initiate, implement and follow-up on corrective actions and make 8D reports for our customers in case of defective products. We work with our suppliers to improve their overall quality level as well as on the individual product level. We continuously work to improve the quality level of the products we supply in order to minimize the total acquisition cost in the supply chain.

Code of conduct

In addition to quality, delivery and price, we also place an emphasis on the code of conduct of our suppliers. On our regular supplier audits, we check the work environment, occupational health and safety standards and measures including protective personal equipment. Further, we look at fire prevention measures in order to identify potential risks that might threaten the delivery of future orders. All these issues around the three key supplier parameters have become an increasingly important focal point for our international customers.

Quality inspection and control

We apply a broad range of methods and tools for controlling dimensions including verniers, micrometers, gauges and plugs. We have access to facilities of CMM, profile projector and develop and apply special test fixtures. All measuring instruments are duly calibrated according to the quality standard requirements.

We do many kinds of testing both material testing and product testing:

  • Hardness
  • Tensile Strength
  • High pressure
  • Corrosion resistance

We check surfaces and cosmetic appearances for layer thickness, glossiness and in some cases color specifications i.e. Delta E analysis.

In critical cases, we use 3rd party inspection teams to assure the required product is up to the specified standard.

Certificates and approvals

We can be helpful with obtaining necessary internationally recognized technical approvals. We corporate with the international accredited testing labs mentioned above.
We provide material certificates if requested in order to document the standard of the raw material.

We provide Certificate of Conformance if our customers request us to document that we meet end products’ specifications.

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