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Manufacturing precision parts is a challenging discipline. Each individual part’s unique characteristics require different equipment and machinery. This specific tooling is necessary to achieve a product within the specified tolerances.

Advanced quality control equipment and processes ensure that the parts meet the specifications. This element of manufacturing must be carefully adjusted to each component. The equipment is often expensive and requires expert users. Therefore, only the most specialised manufacturers have the resources to invest in it and operate it.

Finding these advanced manufacturers, building a relationship with them, and at the same time securing competitive prices takes both time and resources.

An Asian supply chain offers advantages such as capability, capacity and competitive pricing. But it takes a lot of communication, technical knowledge, and general know-how to establish.

Learn here how you can strengthen your supply chain with our services, network, and experience.

Most people think of Asian production as high-volume. This is not necessarily the case though.

Since the beginning, we have specialised in high-mix low-volume manufacturing of complex and exclusive products. This sets a range of requirements when it comes to quality control, materials, tools, and machines.

You will benefit from a setup developed for high-mix low-volume manufacturing, offering flexibility, scaleability, and quick changes.

"He wants me to state as a mechanical designer he is impressed with the quality of this report, and this case is showing a supplier with strong competences." - procurement assistant

You know the importance of cosmetic appearance – as do we.

For high-end customers, the look of the product is almost, if not as important, as the functionality.

That is why we have a trained team specialised in controlling surfaces, ensuring flawless cosmetic appearance.

If needed, we support you in developing visual guidelines for quality control or we implement your existing guidelines in our processes.

A well-executed system is needed when managing a successful mechanical or box build assembly. Our detailed work instructions guarantee correct and effective assemblies. No matter how complex they may be.

To secure your electronic assemblies, all electronic parts are RoHS compliant, and we have IPC-A-620 certified personnel.

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