Box build assembly

Consolidate multiple suppliers into a single one

Customised box builds in high-mix low-volume production

High-mix low-volume manufacturing sets a range of requirements when it comes to quality control, materials, tools, and machines. With the right supplier network, it is possible though.

For our customers the flexibility that comes with high-mix low-volume is essential.

Flexibility to change specs/requirements, flexibility in planning/forecasting, and flexibility in delivery.

Woman assembling a box build

Quality control at every step

We guarantee detailed quality control of your box build.

Each box build assembly undergoes quality control checks throughout the assembly process to ensure that the final product meets your specifications and our high standards.

Amongst our quality control systems and certificates are:

  • ISO 9001
  • IPC-A-610
  • RoHS compliance

We work with detailed work instructions, the 5S principles in our workplace. These activities are to ensure an efficient production with a minimum of mistakes.

Get it right the first time here.

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Collaborative design support

You will work closely with our team of experts to fine-tune your box build if needed. Whether you have detailed specifications or need assistance in optimising, our collaborative approach ensures a seamless process.

“We are very satisfied with the feedback on RFQs, and if there are any issues on the drawings, clarification is needed etc., they always get back to us.” – Production manager

Box build assembly – what is it?

A box build is an assembly of mechanical parts and electronics. This intricate assembly involves integrating PCBs, cables, connectors, and other modules into an enclosure, transforming many individual elements into one electronic device.

Our box build assembly services prioritise precision and efficiency. With attention to detail, our skilled technicians ensure the integration of every element adheres to industry standards and specific customer requirements.

Read all about the details of box build assembly here.

box build assemblies

Box build phase one (1)-min

Box build

Fully functional tested box build assembly for aerial cameras and systems.

Packaging small


Avoid damage by tailoring the packaging to your products.
Ea Connect jan246-min


Module assembly integrating mechanics, electronics and optics.
Box build assembly

Box build

Electro-mechanical assembly of BOM part with 100+ different part numbers.

Your supply chain support

Customised hardware from our extensive network of Asian manufacturers.

We help you establish and maintain a globally competitive supply chain.