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Asia sourcing

Benefits of sourcing in Asia
Asia has developed into a global manufacturing powerhouse. The manufacturing base is big and the variety of potential suppliers is practically endless. 

Based on its Asian supplier base, EA-Connect is able to offer its customers unique access to a wide selection of specialized vendors. In this way, the customers can enjoy the benefits of higher quality products and lower cost at the same time with the main purpose of gaining maximum competitiveness in their respective markets.

Competitive pricing
Suppliers in southeast Asia and China generally benefit from a lower cost level. As a consequence, pricing is lower which is the key reason for our existence. 

At EA-Connect, we are a specialized and experienced team  working with demanding customers to identify the most cost effective solutions.

Higher capability
Due to bigger market demand, we work with vendors that are experts within their technology field e.g. surface treatment houses that only work in certain materials. It often means we can offer a higher quality level than normal because a more specialized, deep and narrow process window.

Bigger capacity
We represent our customers' combined demands. This makes us an interesting partner for premium vendors. They allocate the necessary capacity and maximum management attention to cater for our needs. 

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EA-Connect is a diversified sub-supplier supplying our customers with drawing parts and assemblies from an extensive network of Asian manufacturers