Developing new products requires special parts

Are you in the designing and developing process of a new product?

Our production engineers offer their support in this part of the product process. 

Being part of the development process requires not only experience but also a broad network of suppliers. Because of the many distinctive parts that are needed for designing and producing new products, it is important to know which suppliers to contact.

Amongst the parts that we have found suppliers for are:

  • Woven fabric bags for packaging
  • Optical lenses for cameras
  • Small metal filters 

You can profit from our suppliers who are placed in industrial hubs.

Industrial hubs are a gathering of manufacturers with different specialities. These are advantageous especially when manufacturing more complex products. The quality loops become shorter, not having to ship the different parts far if they need adjusting. 

plastic component

High-mix low-volume, DFM, & expert manufacturers

Elevate your supply chain and profit from our extensive supplier network in Asia.

Developing new parts includes many factors. One of them is designing for efficient production. With design for manufacturing (DFM) you are ensured that the parts not only meet your functional needs but are also optimised for seamless production.

Benefit from our insights to enhance product designs, reduce manufacturing complexities, and ultimately save costs.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed high quality standards with a network of carefully selected manufacturers in Asia.

All suppliers specialised in high-mix low-volume manufacturing and are experts within their specific field of work. Through this Asian supplier network, you are provided with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

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Fabric bag
Metal frame

Profit from 100 suppliers

Your supply chain support

Customised hardware from our extensive network of Asian manufacturers.

We help you establish and maintain a globally competitive supply chain.