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Video: This is who we are

Is it possible to compare our line of business with managing a restaurant? We think it is – see for yourself!

5 considerations when choosing gasket

Gaskets are essential for many products for protection and to avoid leakage. That is why choosing the right production...

Industrial hubs are your advantage

An industrial hub is what it sounds like – a collection of factories grouped close to each other. This is an advantage...

Cables: Assembly and quality control

Take a peek at some of the procedures for assembling cables and controlling their quality.

Video: See how it's made

See how we produce items for interior design by hot forging and PVD coating.

Video: Cable cutting with laser

Laser cutting of cables is a manufacturing technique that precisely and efficiently severs cables of various materials...

Case study: Box build assembly

A box build can be everything from the earpiece of your headphones to an industrial device.

Cable caused camera crisis

Any electronic device relies on the cables to function, whether it is for transferring data, transmitting power, or...

Case study: Geometrical Product Specifications

Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) is a standardized approach to defining and communicating the geometric...