High-quality finish and low tolerances

Extrusion is a processing method that can be used for different materials like aluminium, brass, and plastics. Short production lead time and low tooling cost make extrusion suitable for medium volumes.

To be suited for extrusion

  • Material volume should be a minimum of 300-500kg.
  • The part must have a consistent cross-section.
  • You should need medium production volumes. Casting is normally a better choice at high volumes because of a lower unit price.

If you need the part to be anodised for cosmetic reasons, you should also chose extrusion. Cast parts cannot be anodised.

Customised extrusion parts with tight tolerances

Specialising in parts with low tolerances, you are ensured a product that is manufactured according to your drawings.

It takes the right tooling, manufacturing expertise, and experience to manufacture with tight tolerances. Also, advanced equipment for quality control is a necessity. That is why only specialised manufacturers are suited to produce precision parts.

With a broad network of manufacturers as well as technical knowledge, we guarantee that your requirements for precision and quality are met. And that at competitive prices.

Extrusion parts

Extrusion part
Extrusion part
Extrusion part
Extrusion part
Extrusion part
Extrusion part

Metal extrusion – what is it?

Metal extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves shaping metal by forcing it through a shaped opening in a die. This process is commonly used to create long and uniform cross-sectional profiles, such as rods, bars, tubes, and other intricate shapes with a consistent cross-section.

The materials most commonly extruded include aluminium, copper, steel, and various alloys.

The basic steps of metal extrusion involve heating a metal billet or ingot to a temperature where it becomes malleable but not molten. The heated metal is then placed in the extrusion press, and a ram or screw mechanism forces the material through a die. The die gives the desired shape to the metal as it emerges on the other side.

Extrusion is a versatile process that can produce complex shapes with tight tolerances and high precision.

The technique is widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and electronics. The advantages of metal extrusion include the ability to create lightweight and durable components with excellent strength-to-weight ratios.

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