Sheet metal

From sheet metal to complex designs 

Sheet metal processing offers a variety of options.

By utilising different techniques in conjunction with each other, your parts can be produced with complex shapes and geometries. Combining the processing methods appropriately will give you greater functionality, efficiency, and flexibility.

Since the beginning, we have specialised in complex parts in high-mix low volumes. This means that you will benefit from a range of suppliers with extensive expertise and knowledge in their field of work. These suppliers are in possession of the latest tools and technologies, offering you precise and efficient manufacturing.

In collaboration with the suppliers, we oversee in-process and outgoing quality control, ensuring you timely delivery and a product that meets all your requirements.

Amongst your production options are:

Sheet metal parts

Sheet metal part
Sheet metal part
Sheet metal part
Sheet metal part
Sheet metal part
Sheet metal part

How to process sheet metal

Sheet metal processing is a manufacturing technique that involves the shaping and manipulation of thin metal sheets to create various components and products.

The process typically begins by selecting a metal, often steel, aluminium, or copper. The chosen metal is then cut, bent, and otherwise formed into the desired shape. The methods can be with both CNC-machining and traditional processes.

Cutting can be achieved through methods like laser cutting, shearing, or punching, while bending is often done using press brakes to create angles and folds. Additional processes may include welding, stamping, and assembly to achieve the final product.

The method offers cost-effective, precise, and efficient solutions, perfect for producing lightweight, durable, and intricately designed metal parts.

Because of all this, sheet metal components are widely used in many industries - from simple brackets and enclosures to complex components in modern machinery.

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