5 considerations when choosing gasket

Customised gaskets
  • December 7, 2022

Gaskets are essential for many products for protection and to avoid leakage. That is why choosing the right production solution is important for manufacturing a high-quality product.

For many manufacturers, a customised gasket is a sensible choice because it will fit the product perfectly. But this solution is not necessarily suitable for everyone. In this article, you will learn 5 important factors you should take into consideration before selecting a gasket solution.  

You can read about:

  1. Material choice
  2. Lead time
  3. Precision 
  4. Shaping
  5. Production volumes

Watch this video and see how some customised gaskets are made.


When choosing which gasket solution you need for your product, you should consider the following 5 factors:

Material choice

Customised gaskets offer a large variety of raw materials. Depending on the use of your product, what it has to withstand etc., selecting the appropriate material for the gasket is an important step.

Short lead time

The production time of a customised gasket is significantly shorter than for traditional O-rings and gaskets. Take this into consideration when choosing a gasket solution. Do you need a short production process, or is it no problem if it takes longer?

High precision

Customised gasket solutions offer a high level of precision. This is especially suitable for complex products where accuracy is key to success.

Odd shapes

Talking into the high precision element of customised gaskets, they as well are very suitable for odd shapes. Often it will be difficult to find a standard gasket that fits if your product is oddly shaped or has a special design, in which case customisation is an evident choice.

Low to medium volumes

A customised gasket solution is mostly suitable for low to medium volumes. This is a factor you should take into consideration. A customised gasket solution might not be the most lucrative solution depending on the number of gaskets you need.

Efficient assembly procedures

A properly fitted gasket enables efficient assembly procedures and reduces the amount of mistakes. That is why choosing the appropriate production solution is important for the entirety of the manufacturing process. 

Gaskets may seem like a small element of the product, but their impact cannot be underestimated. They play a pivotal role in sealing, protecting, and optimizing various systems, ultimately contributing to the durability, efficiency, and safety of a wide range of products across industries.

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