Cables: Assembly and quality control

  • July 7, 2022

Take a peek at some of the procedures for assembling cables and controlling their quality.



Cables are the lifelines of our modern technological devices, as they serve as the essential conduits that enable the flow of information and power within and between our devices. They do anything from transmitting power, transferring data, to connecting devices.

Design, construction, and quality

The design and construction of cables are continually evolving to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern electronics. Both material, design, and manufacturing must be high-quality to ensure that the cables can function in the conditions they are made for. Not only is it a question about functionality. Essentially it could be a question about safety as well.

Read this story about a customer who did not prioritise high-quality cables which ended up in a lot of wastage and additional expenses.

Quality standards

IPC-A-610 is a standard that defines the quality and manufacturing requirements expected of electronic assemblies. The standard is developed by the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC).

IPC-A-610 consists of 3 classes, each having their own level of requirements. Class 1 with the lowest amount, class 3 with the highest.

Class 3, the standard that is necessary for most of our assemblies, is often referred to as the "high-performance electronic product" class. It is used in assemblies where the highest level of reliability and performance is critical, such as in aerospace, military, medical, and automotive electronics.

To achieve IPC-A-610 Class 3 compliance, electronic assemblies must adhere to strict guidelines regarding solder joint quality, component placement, cleanliness, and overall workmanship. The criteria outlined in Class 3 ensure that the electronic assemblies are not only functional but also robust, with minimal risk of failure over time.


We especially make use of cables in our box build assembly. Read more about the processes of box build here.

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