Meeting high cosmetic requirements

Producing spinning parts is rarely a question of functionality alone. Aesthetics are just as important.

After many years of supplying to Danish design companies, we have specialised in spinning parts that meet high cosmetic requirements.

This includes collaborating with expert suppliers who have the knowledge, craftsmanship, and tooling to deliver high-quality parts.

Furthermore, quality control is essential to manufacture parts with flawless surfaces. That is why we monitor both in-process and outgoing quality control in collaboration with the suppliers. This includes implementing and developing visual guidelines. 

High-mix low-volumes

With the possibility of both manual spinning techniques and machined processes, you have a large range of product options.

Moreover, our setup is developed for high-mix low-volumes, offering you flexibility, scaleability, and quick changes.

CNC spinning

Spinning parts

Spinning part
Spinning part
Spinning part
Spinning part
Spinning part

What is metal spinning?

Metal spinning, also known as spin forming or spinning, is a metalworking process that transforms a metal disc or tube into a hollow.

The process utilises a spinning lathe, where the metal workpiece is clamped and rotated while a shaping tool, often called a spoon or chuck, is pressed against it. As the metal spins, the tool shapes it into the desired form, creating shapes like bowls, cones, and cylinders.

Metal spinning is a cost-effective and efficient method for producing low-volume, high-quality metal parts with minimal material waste.

It is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and lighting, where precision and customisation are essential.

The technique offers advantages like quick setup, flexibility in material choices, and the ability to produce complex shapes without the need for extensive tooling. Metal spinning is particularly suitable for prototyping, one-off productions, and applications requiring seamless, smooth, and symmetrical metal components.


Other Cases


Highly complex parts for satellite communication equipment.


Sensor parts for industrial purposes measuring dissolved gasses.


3D CNC machining and clear anodizing of high end parts.


High quality parts for digital finishing equipment accessory products.

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